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Wait till you're bored of ChatGPT
1 min
Googling for code samples and writing a test case would take minimum 15 minutes. ChatGPT does that in less than a minute. Sure there are cases where ChatGPT don’t know an answer. Or give a corporate-sounding answer without giving me a number. It sometimes acts like ChadGPT by giving a wrong answer confidently.
The Minimalist Entrepreneur
6 mins
book summary startup
Minimalist entrepreneur makes a difference while making a living. Don’t ask “How can I help?” Instead be observant and cultivate authentic relationships. Don’t spend time convincing people. Spend time educating people. Selling is a discovery process, and minimalist entrepreneurs use sales as an opportunity to talk to potential customers one by one about their products while simultaneously educating themselves about the problem they are trying to solve for them.
Joe Rogan Podcast #1309 - Naval Ravikant
2 mins
naval joe-rogan
Specialization is for insects. You’ve got one life, just do everything you’re going to do Read the best 100 books over and over again until you absorbed them, rather than read all the books. Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.
How to live - 27 conflicting answers and one weird conclusion
7 mins
book summary derek sivers
This is my bible.
New Way to Age
32 mins
book summary health
The seven best doctors in the world are: God, sunlight, diet, rest, exercise, self-confidence, and friends. Antiaging medicine builds up immune system. As a general rule people who practice antiaging medicine don’t get sick. The foods we decide to consume and the choices we make each day can turn on certain genes or turn off certain genes.
Tristan Harris — Fighting Skynet and Firewalling Attention
2 mins
tristan-harris tim ferriss byron-katie
The Work of Byron Katie # A set of 4 questions you can ask of any moment in your life that causes stress. Example: You seeing an inconsiderate guy. Is is true that guy is inconsiderate? Can you be absolutely sure that guy is inconsiderate? Okay, what happens? How do I react?
Tim Ferriss on Finding and Focusing On What Truly Matters
1 min
tim ferriss
How much time am I spending making versus managing? Are you doing what you’re uniquely capable of? What you feel placed here on Earth to do? Can you be replaced?” If you say no to one, you say no to all” I also do 80-20 analysis probably once every two to four weeks on my inputs and outputs to try to remove as much as possible and focus on a handful of very powerful, hopefully powerful, Archimedes’ levers in my life.
Masterclass - Steve Martin teaches comedy
1 min
What if…? What haven’t been talked about? Think about comedy all the time. Learn about new things. Keep gathering information. When there’s an argument, just observe without taking sides. You’re a thought machine. Every thing that happen to you is valuable. Just saying the truth - what everyone is thinking - is funny.
How to get press - Rideshare guy
1 min
pr noah-kagan
Build relationship for future ask: Give money. Offer to pay for food. Get their phone number Refer customers, help them out. How to connect? Write about them and how they influence you. Leave a podcast or Amazon review and email them that you’ve left a review. You’ll stand out more than 99% of the people.
Gary Keller — How to Focus on the One Important Thing
1 min
tim ferriss gary-keller podcast
Think big, aim high # Warren Buffet said habits of our life are like chains too loose to be noticed until they’re too tight to break. People accrue habits instead of form new ones. If you don’t choose the direction of your life, you’ll go in any direction. Time blocking # Morning is your power hours.