Hi! I'm Shawn (:

ABC: Always Be Creating

I love making new stuffs - apps, chatbots, automations, articles, companies and friends.

My ambitions are intrinsic and intellectual. I say no to many things so that I can have lots of time for learning, creating and giving.

I'm a World Citizen

I'm currently on the move, a lot. My idea is to stay at a place long enough until it feels like home, then move and start again.

I enjoy one-on-one conversation with locals and hear their stories.

I'm also constantly looking for opportunities to contribute to children in the places I visit.
Check my now page to see where am I currently.

I'm a Polygot

I speak 5 languages currently: Malay, Korean, Chinese, Cantonese, and English.

My motivation of learning new languages is this: to open up the heart of the people I'm talking to.

I learn new languages by talking to people and have never attended a formal class.

I'm a Minimalist

...and I have no luggage to check-in.

I only keep the bare necessities and have no problem donating your presents.

This is how I approach my work too: remove redundant codes and every design needs to be functional


I'd like to hear from you. Message me .