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Shawn L

Builds stuff minimally


Pale Blue Dot: Be kinder to others
3 mins

I was angry because I was stuck in the moment.

I fear because of a similar event happened in the past and I was stuck in that moment.

Ask Why when you...
1 min

Ask why when you:

1 min

I’m still grieving my dog.

Gone were the days where he’d bark endlessly because of a piece of chicken on the table.

Tin Tin
2 mins

I lost Tin Tin today. He was 16 years old.

I felt I didn’t do the most that I can.

I didn’t gave enough time to him.

AI killing artist?
2 mins

When artist used paintbrushes, they probably had similar reactions to what we’re experiencing now.

They might have said, “Digital is killing my job. Art is no more. Thus, I refuse digital.”

Derek Sivers interview at Tim Ferriss Podcast
3 mins
how to live derek sivers tim ferriss
You know how you have that bad pen? Throw out the bad pen.” Derek Sivers: It’s so liberating. Don’t have the bad pen. It’s about self-respect, isn’t it? Even something as simple as a pen. When I’ve done that, I went, “I’m better than this. I’m not going to take this.
Even better...
1 min
writing persuasion
“It’s even better than…” reduces persuasion. Just say “Our app is fast” instead of “Our app is even faster than X”. Only show comparison if it’s a 10x difference.
Buy Back Your Time - Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire
11 mins
book summary focus time management
Chapter 1: How I Buy Back My Life # The Buyback Principle means you should continually use every resource you can to buy back your time. The Buyback Principle: Don’t hire to grow your business. Hire to buy back your time. a decision to not grow is a decision to slowly die.
3 mins
Showmanship doesn’t need to be showy Bracket Vulnerable Website Copy (Trends) Start with emotions you want to get Note taking For books Short form Morning pages Five minute journal Swipe files Replace vague words Backlinks Showmanship doesn’t need to be showy # Showmanship gets people excited and wondering what will happen.
Wait till you're bored of ChatGPT
1 min
Googling for code samples and writing a test case would take minimum 15 minutes. ChatGPT does that in less than a minute. Sure there are cases where ChatGPT don’t know an answer. Or give a corporate-sounding answer without giving me a number. It sometimes acts like ChadGPT by giving a wrong answer confidently.