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AI killing artist?

2 mins
Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally

When artist used paintbrushes, they probably had similar reactions to what we’re experiencing now.

They might have said, “Digital is killing my job. Art is no more. Thus, I refuse digital.”

Replace ‘digital’ with photography, iPad, or AI… it’s the same reaction.

Fast forward to today, do we still have hand-painted art selling for a higher price than digital art?

Are there people interested in learning watercolor?

The same cycle happened to music and film.

What would happen if a musician releases LP record and streams on Youtube? They might sell more LP records.

AI may replace certain jobs but it creates new jobs.

New tech pops up every day. Before I reject a tech, I ask myself these questions:

  1. Is my reaction due to how I get paid? What if I’m doing this for free?
  2. Will this tech make my job better?
  3. If someone is just entering to this field, will they have an easier time with this tech?
  4. Is there a chance that this tech to increase the audience of my other work?
  5. Where can I express my creativity while I use these tech for certain tasks?
  6. Is this tech legal?
  7. Is there a strong community behind this tech?
  8. Will this tech dissappear next year?
  9. What’s the downside if I try this tech?