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3 mins
Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally
Table of Contents

Showmanship doesn’t need to be showy

Showmanship gets people excited and wondering what will happen.

Create uncertainty. I might agree. But I didn't think so at the time. You listen and decide

Use humour.


  • Which keyword to use and where to use them
  • [/] Which keyword to use (and where)

Bracket makes it clear that there’s 2 benefits. And it sounds like someone is whispering a secret.


Without vulnerability, there’s no story. That’s how people relate to you.

If it’s your first time, say it’s your first time.

Website Copy (Trends) #

  1. Be a guide. People only care how your website makes them feel better. Use AIDA or Storybranding.
  2. Use simple words.
  3. Position. Don’t be everything for everyone.
  4. Copy ads that you like. Read Ad secrets by Joe Sugarman.

Start with emotions you want to get

  1. Start with what emotions you want to get:
  • LOL
  • WTF
  • AWW
  • AWE
  • Touching
  • Finally, someone said it
  1. Packaging
  2. Headline
  3. Preview image
  4. Find one line that captures attention.

Note taking


Inspired by Tim Ferriss:

For books

Consuming just in case information, instead of just in time information is recreation. It’s a waste of time.

Indices: page number with description

[PH] for interesting phrasing.

Always think of next actions.

Read with real behavioral changes.

The key is to have multiple passes and constant asking “What I thought was important or cool but wasn’t important or cool.”

Short form

  1. Exercise when you feel overwhelmed
  • Make a list of “Craziest thing I can do to eliminate”, e.g. cut all social media.
  • Use circle or rectangles for multiple pass.
  1. Writing quotes
  • Make a box on the bottom right for action steps.

Number the pages, then make an index to find highlights later.

Morning pages

For: reducing anxiety

The purpose is not to write long forms and then review them multiple times.

It’s to put your monkey mind into paper and freeze theme so you can move on with your day.

Don’t focus on getting insights. You don’t need good writing.

Just vomit whatever is in your brain.

Five minute journal

For: improving focus

State, story, strategy

Don’t need to do these every day. Just do whenever needed.

Swipe files

Replace vague words

I’m busy

  • I was working as a stripper last night.

I’m hungry

  • I can swallow an elephant now.

It’s far

  • You’ll be the first man to walk there alive.

This is delicious

  • My tongue is having orgasm.

This is good

  • Nothing can replace this.

Backlinks #