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Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally

I’m still grieving my dog.

Gone were the days where he’d bark endlessly because of a piece of chicken on the table.

Or the times he’d pee at every corner.

Those imperfections were irritating at that time. Today, those are the most treasured moments.

I sometimes sleep on the floor without air-conditioner because I want to feel imperfect.

A reminder to myself that I have everything I need at this moment.

The young days without electricity and we’d light candles to sleep… I miss those imperfections.

When I code a UI that’s not perfect, I take deep breathes and leave it as it is to move on to building new stuff. If that design is important to someone, they’ll feedback to me and then I have a chance to make them happy.

When I feel frustrated about something, I ask if I’d one day miss this struggle. I usually work through it because each small actions leads to the next big thing.