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How to get press - Rideshare guy

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Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally
Table of Contents
  1. Build relationship for future ask:
    • Give money. Offer to pay for food.
    • Get their phone number
    • Refer customers, help them out.
  2. How to connect?
    • Write about them and how they influence you.
    • Leave a podcast or Amazon review and email them that you’ve left a review. You’ll stand out more than 99% of the people.

Writing the pitch

Be casual.

Basic media strategy:

  • Provide value to journalist on Twitter. E.g. social share.
  • Do a weekly roundup of articles. At the end of month, tweet all those articles. A week later, let journalist know that we’ve shared their article.

Use Harrow to find journalist looking for help.

  • Use media outlet as social proof.
  • Add them on FB/Twitter and let them know you’ve replied to their request on Harrow.

Snowball effect: If you’re busy to reply, point them to the right people.

Who to reach out for PR:

  • See who else have covered your competitors.

When to start PR?

  • Not necessary when getting started. But if something gets on your lap, take it.