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A week of typing torture led to 10x editing speed - Vim

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Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally
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It wasn’t fun at first.

Learning Vim was on my new year resolution list for almost 5 years.

The ‘HJKL’ keys replace your arrow keys.

That change alone had me gave up every time I tried to use Vim.

You won’t get anything done when you’re starting to learn Vim.

…until you saw ‘:21,30d [enter][ctrl-o] p’

Those are the keypresses for “Cut line 21 to 29 and paste here”.

My mouse had not moved during the entire time of typing this draft and posting it.

Vim is addictive.

You’ll want to ‘HJKL’ in every program after learning Vim.

I now write, code and browser the internet without touching the mouse.

If you work with text all day, pick a weekend, install Vim and vimtutor. Treat it like Tetris.