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Buying a house for investment is a poor choice

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Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally

I said a house, not houses.

“I bought a house and I’ve to work for another 30 years to pay off the mortgage” is not investment. It’s betting.

If this property crashes, you’re out of the game.

And you’re betting that this property will increase in value compared to the thousands and millions in your city and country.

This applies to investing too.

S&P 500 has 500 companies.

If you can tell me, everyday, which company will be the top gainer for the day, you’re my new religion.

If not, just buy S&P500. You’ll have the average return of 500 companies.

There’s no shame in being average because professionals have trouble beating the average too.

And you won’t be paying huge fees by buying index funds or ETF.

Now, buy more averages.

Average of Brazil.

Average of metal prices.

Average of bubble tea companies.