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Negotiation - James Altucher

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negotiation james-altucher
Shawn L
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Never meet in the middle.

Say what you want and why.

Alternative to “I have to talk to X”

“I’m new at this. You guys are the grandmasters of negotiation. If a grandmaster plays a novice then he will always win. So help me out, if you were me, what would you do?”

NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, you say, “but seriously, if you were ME, what would you do."

Have a bigger list than them before negotiating

If you have a longer list, you can justify the higher price.

Walk away

If you can’t walk away from a negotiation, then you aren’t negotiating. You’re just working out the terms of your slavery.

If a negotiation is not easy, then it means you need to work harder to develop more value to offer. Walk away.

Options equal freedom

Don’t focus on getting one outcome.

Not me, it’s you.

When you negotiate, you always are bringing something to the table. But the negotiation is not about what YOU own. It’s about the value you can deliver the other person.

Have infinite patience. Don’t have time restriction.

Most people think short-term. Be the visionary and win.

Sell the dream, not the sales.

Don’t nickel and dime.

Don’t say no. Say “Yes, and…”

In a negotiation if someone says, “well, you’re only worth $1 because you have X” you can say, “yes, and we also have Y so let’s take that into consideration.”

Suddenly your value is higher because you didn’t start a fight. You agreed and added.

Anchor on a formula

Don’t take the Hail Mary deal

If it’s the only one deal offered, don’t take it.

How to persuade anyone in 10 seconds

The U’s:

  1. Urgency
  2. Unique
  3. Useful
  4. Ultra-specific
  5. User-friendly
  6. Unquestionable proof

Find which is their desire.