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Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield

2 mins
Shawn L
Builds stuff minimally
Table of Contents

1. Add 100mg theanine to coffee

Balances neurotransmitter that causes jitteriness.

2. 5 minutes hot-cold shower: 20s cold, 10s hot

Get your head cold for blood brain barrier integrity.

In cyro therapy, put your head as low as possible.

3. Breathing

Increase CO2 to push oxygen into your body.

Buteyko Breathing: exhale slowly

Deep belly breathing instead of chest breathing.

Box breathing for stress control.: 4s in, 4s hold, 4s out, 4s hold

4. Eat

Eliminate processed vegetable oil.

Organ meats for B12 and taurine.

5g creatine a day.

10-20mcg of LSD.

Walnut for brain.

Tomatoes and pomegranate for heart.

Avocado for ovaries.

5. Get more sun



6. Train for speed

Heart rate variablity (HRV) training.

Train your muscles for explosive fast twitch power.

7. Deep sleep

Expose to red light at night.

CBD oil.

Foam roll.

8. Burn fat more

  1. Fast for 12-16 hours
  2. Do 20 minutes of aerobic: walk, swim, aerobic.
  3. 2-5 minutes of cold shower.
  4. Add a little of caffeine.

9. Own a routine

Use PSO device for deep tissue massage on abs.

Do a Qigong shaking for 2 minutes when you wake up.

10. Control Glycemic variability.

Drink digestives before meals:

  • Ebo Lebo (Italy).
  • Lemon, ginger, mint, bitter melon.
  • Apple cider vinegar

These will help lower blood glucose after you eat.

Chew 20 times.

Explosive exercise before meal.

Walk within 1 hour after you eat.

11. Recover quickly

Peptide (BPC 157/TB 500) - inject this around the skin to enhance joint ability to heal.

Stem cells.

12. Low level physical activity to boost lymph fluid.

Bouncing, shaking, moving all day long. Get a mini trampoline.

13. Body coil strech by Dr. David Beck.

14. Skin

  1. Weekly clay mask.
  2. Golf ball rolling on your feet.
  3. Eat more collagen