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The Minimalist Entrepreneur
6 mins
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Minimalist entrepreneur makes a difference while making a living. Don’t ask “How can I help?” Instead be observant and cultivate authentic relationships. Don’t spend time convincing people. Spend time educating people. Selling is a discovery process, and minimalist entrepreneurs use sales as an opportunity to talk to potential customers one by one about their products while simultaneously educating themselves about the problem they are trying to solve for them.
The Tim Ferriss Show Transcripts: Mike Maples and Andy Rachleff — Two Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer (#397)
3 mins
tim ferriss startup
Product market fit # First you have to prove a value hypothesis, and only once you’ve proven the value hypothesis should you test a growth hypothesis. How do I know when I have it? Consumer side: Word of mouth shows you have product market fit. Look for exponential organic growth.