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Derek Sivers interview at Tim Ferriss Podcast
3 mins
how to live derek sivers tim ferriss
You know how you have that bad pen? Throw out the bad pen.” Derek Sivers: It’s so liberating. Don’t have the bad pen. It’s about self-respect, isn’t it? Even something as simple as a pen. When I’ve done that, I went, “I’m better than this. I’m not going to take this.
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness
16 mins
book summary naval how to live
On Love # If you have nothing in your life, but you have at least one person that loves you unconditionally, it’ll do wonders for your self-esteem. On Reading # Books make for great friends, because the best thinkers of the last few thousand years tell you their nuggets of wisdom.
Skip the line
16 mins
book summary james-altucher how to live
The key to skipping the line is to constantly live in the world of “not knowing. To constantly be curious but not threatened by what’s next. The 1 Percent Rule # 1 percent up or 1 percent down each day will define you long term. 10,000 Experiments # What makes a good experiment?
You are a badass every day
5 mins
book summary how to live
Please do not waste your one and only chance to be the you that is you on planet Earth screwing around with excuses when you have the power to create whatever you desire. The excellent thing about living as a human being on planet Earth is that you have the almighty power of choice, which means you get to choose between achieving success and giving up.
7 mins
how to live
The nature of rain is the same, but it makes thorns grow in the marshes and flowers in the gardens. The point is that most of what we feel and think we conjure up for ourselves in our heads, including this business of being helped by people. On love and trust # You are never in love with anyone.
Unstoppable: 4 Steps to Transform Your Life
8 mins
book summary how to live
See what he does and experiment to see if it suits you. Skip the backstory because it centers on testing to see if it suits you. Whole food. Yoga. Mindfulness. When unsure, choose the food or activity that’s closest to our ancestors used to eat or do. Our ability to open the future will depend not on how well we learn but how well we are able to unlearn.