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10 mins
book summary business basecamp
Takedowns # The real world isn’t a place, it’s an excuse. It’s a justification for not trying. It has nothing to do with you. Unless you’re a fortune-teller, long-term business planning is a fantasy. Start referring to your business plans as business guesses. Decide what you’re going to do this week, not this year.
Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
7 mins
book summary seth-godin business
Why You Need the Purple Cow # Being first in pain relievers was an even better idea. Alas, they’re both taken. Most people can’t buy your product. Either they don’t have the money, they don’t have the time, or they don’t want it. The old rule was this: Create safe, ordinary products and combine them with great marketing.
Trust Me I'm Lying
4 mins
book summary business growth
Part actionable, part rant on how the media is manipulate. The tactics aren’t new - shady but effective. Exclusives build blogs. Scoops equal traffic. Blogs are built and run with an exit in mind. Tactics: # 1. Bloggers are poor; help them pay their bills. # Gawker paid writers $12 a post as late as 2008.