13 sentences to break down Japanese

Nov 20 2022

13 golden sentences

  1. The apple is red 사과는 빨간다 苹果 は 赤い ringo wa akai

  2. It is John’s apple 전의 사과 이다 ジョン の 苹果 だ Jon no ringo da

So  の  is 의. に  is 한테. が  is 가 subject marker.

  1. I give John the apple 제가 전한데 사과 준다 私 が ジョン に 苹果 をあげる watashi ga jon ni ringo ageru

  2. We give him the apple 우리 게한테 사과를 준다. 私たち が 彼 苹果 をあげる watashitachi ga kare ringo ageru

  3. He gives it to John 彼 が ジョン に あげる kare ga john ni ageru

  4. She gives it to Sam 彼女 が 彼 に あげる kanojo ga kare ni ageru

  5. The apples are red

  6. I must give it to John The literal translations is “if i don’t give…” Here are different versions of if in increasing intensity: だめだ, いけない, ならない.

彼 に あげな かったら kare ni agena kattara

彼 に あげな ければ kare ni agena kereba

彼 に あげな いと kare ni agena ito

Another version: There’s a need to give him 게한테 준 필요기 있다

彼 に あげる 必要 が ある *kare ni ageru hitsuyou ga aru

  1. I want to give it to her 彼女 に あげたい Kanojo ni agetai

Use this only if it’s your intent on an object:

苹果 が 欲しい Ringo ga hoshi

More patterns:

게한테 주고싶어 彼女 に あげた がって いる *kanojo ni ageta gatte iru

게한테 주고 싶은 것 같아 彼女 に あげたい と 思う Kanojo ni agetai to omou

게한테 주고 싶어보여 彼女 に あげたい らしい Kanojo ni agetai rashi

  1. I’m going to give tomorrow 明日 あげます ashita agemasu

  2. This is not an apple 苹果 じゃないです Ringo janaidesu

No, it isn’t. いいえ、ちがいます Īye, chigaimasu (su is pronounced s)

  1. I can’t eat apple 苹果  w  食べれません Ringo wa taberemasen

  2. Is the apple red? リンゴ は 赤 ですか? Ringo wa aka desuka


Is this an apple? Is this apple red? Which is nicer? How to eat an apple? How do you day X in japanese? Why is the apple red? What is an apple? Who bought the apple? When are you going?

4 useful words for traveling

Eat Go Buy See

Want to Can’t Will Past tense

4 starter sentences

I must eat 食べる 必要 が ある Taberu hitsuyoo ga aru To-eat necessity there is

I want to eat. 食べたい Tabetai Want-to-eat

I’m going to eat tomorrow 明日 食べる できない Ashita taberu Tomorrow to-eat

I can’t eat 食べる こと が できない Taberu koto ga dekinai To-eat thing cannot