The second hardest question your 9 year old will ask you

Nov 04 2019

The hardest question is “Can I have a phone?”

The second hardest is “Can I be a YouTube star?”

Gone are the days where children attend school and wait till university to figure out what to do.

Never in the history where parents had to answer these questions.

And the choices made by parents today will only show results years later.

Can I have a pet ant?

Game streamer, ant pet channel, kids washing toy cars

These are ‘occupations’ that we would never imagine be possible in our lifetime - and we’re still alive.

Most sane parents would have said ‘no’ if their child asked to do this 5 hours a day.

I asked for a mice pet when I was 12 and it took me 2 years to convince my parents.

My question to the million parents-to-be who watched Diana washing toy cars:

What will you say if you child wants to have a Youtube channel on chicken eggs?

It’s so mundane that you wouldn’t think having 1 million views is possible - until it happens and covers your child’s university fee.

Or do you encourage them to play Dota v99.1 every night in hopes of hitting the jackpot?