Things adult do: backup

Photo by Markus Spiske

Putting all your pictures only in Google Photos isn't backup.

A proper backup is when a file exists on 2 location.

Cloud storages are convenient but privacy is always a question.

So here's my setup - all open source.

Syncthing: cloudless syncing

This app makes your devices sync on the same Wifi.

After I snapped a picture on my phone, it's transferred to my laptop when I get home.

My notes as synced so I can continue typing on any devices.

If you're breaking traffic lights to get home quickly, it's better to use a cloud storage.

As a third backup, I run a daily backup to my external hard disk.

Paper backup

This is for a zombocalpyse situation.

Or if I wake up from a coma.

Or I want someone to clear my spam mail if I'm not around one day.

On a piece of paper the size of my thumb, I've written the most important thing to me: the password to my password manager.

No cloud managers. I use Keepass.

I store passwords to all my online account - different password for each website and you should do it too.

My bank accounts, crypto wallet password...

This paper is stored somewhere safe where the sun doesn't shine.

Call me paranoid, but it makes me sleep better.

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